What does “Non-Aggress” mean?

It means “to not show aggression” or at least to not initiate aggression. This concept, the Non-Aggression Principle, is important to many pacifists, libertarians, and chefs. I could go on, but I got aprons to sell.

Without government, who would build the roads?

Next question.

I have a great idea for an apron. Can you print it?

Send me your idea at @lolberts on twitter, or email millertwice@lolberts.com, or Instagram @loberts. If your idea is good/funny enough, I’ll print up a bunch, start selling them, and send you a FREE apron for your contributions to the world of novelty aprons.

I want to pay with crypto bc Eff the Fed. Will you accept crypto?

In almost every case, not only will I accept it, I’ll give you a little discount for doing so. Thank you for keeping the blockchain(s) alive! I currently take BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEM, Monero, ZCash, Sumokoin (of course), Fagcoin (again, of course) and Bipcoin. Email me if the one you wanna use isn’t listed, we can work something out.

Is “apron” code for something/are you selling drugs?

No, they’re literal kitchen aprons that will be the talk of this year’s Midwest Peace and Liberty Festival. We get this question a lot because many people think “libertarian” is latin for “drug pusher.” That and our current status as the ONLY apron shop on OpenBazaar.

Is this a scam?

While it’s always wise to ask this question when doing business with Libertarians, this is legitimate. You will get the apron you pay for.